Engineered Magnets Magnetizer® Technology  is the most powerful, affordable and easy to install Magnetic Fluid and Gas Conditioning Technology in the World.  

No other Conservation Technology compares to its Cost Effectiveness, Durability and Extremely Wide Scale Application.

Our Technology is a product of 25 years of accumulated experience in the magnetic fluid conditioning industry, the following is presented for “Better Living through Magnetic Free-Energy Appliances”.

MAGNETIZER’s advanced technology Saves Money and Energy by increasing combustion efficiency and eliminating hard and corrosive water treatment chemicals for home, marine, and industry. This reduces air and water pollution.

MAGNETIZER’s Agricultural systems increase yields and profits while saving water and maintenance.

MAGNETIZER’s Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Energizers increase Co-efficiency of Performance which Saves Energy, Money & Maintenance while increasing appliance life.

MAGNETIZER’s Oil systems save money by naturally eliminating paraffin in oil wells and transmission lines.

MAGNETIZER's provide the most powerful, guaranteed, affordable Magnetic Free-Energy appliances in the World.

How It Works

Hard Water entering is negatively charged, randomly placed molecules with crystallizing (scaling) minerals.

Corrosive Water enters with free radical hydronium or hydroxyl ions which attack the metal piping.

Fuel entering is in naturally formed grape-like molecular clusters (associations) which do not combust

Refrigeration Coolant meets normal Co-efficiency of Performance

Oil Paraffin build-up creates down-time, hot oiling & high costs in wells and supply lines.

 Through the Magnetizer

Water exiting is naturally soft while retaining the minerals important for health, but now is not harmful to the plumbing.  The improved solvency de-scales the system (saving the plumbing & appliances)  while improving bathing and washing. Corrosive ions are bound up and do not attack the plumbing.
Fuel exiting is now positively charged and de-clustered for high combustion efficiency, fuel savings, power increases, emissions reduction and carbon/varnish removal.
Refrigeration COP is increased 25-35% while Compressor Power Consumption is reduced by a 15-23% - a major capital reduction to achieve energy savings.
Paraffin buildup is eliminated - increasing profits by reducing downtime & hot oiling.
The Technology

Water is a “carrier vessel” of hard water minerals due to the naturally attractive ionic charges between the minerals and the water.  The minerals dissolve in the earth and are carried by the water to all parts of the internal surface of the plumbing where they reform (re-crystallize) rock scale because of the attraction of the dissolved minerals to the higher ionic charge of the solid material of the plumbing. The  scaling builds rapidly at all heating (phase change) surfaces in the water heater or boiler.  MAGNETIZER charged water electrically takes on a greater ionic charge than the plumbing and magnetically attracts and dissolves (hydrates) the scale in the plumbing creating naturally soft water and cost-free de-scaling.

Fuel -MAGNETIZER excites the electrons in the fuel and air which increases the oxygen bonding to the fuel molecule for a more efficient and combustible gas.  Magnetizing the fuel breaks up the naturally formed hydrocarbon associations (grape-like clusters which do not combust efficiently) into mono-atomic molecular gas (de-clustered hydrocarbon molecules) which burn more efficiently and completely. The result is more power, less emissions and fuel savings. The magnetic fuel also attracts and removes previous carbon build-up in the jets, injectors and the engine for higher efficiency and longer running.

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