Magnetizers Technology  is the most powerful, affordable and easy to install Magnetic Fluid and Gas Conditioning Technology in the World.  No other Conservation Technology compares to its Cost Effectiveness, Durability and Extremely Wide Scale Application.

Major Technology Applications


Home plumbing Water heaters  Pools Spas Ice Machines  Dishwashers   Boilers Distillers  Filtration Systems   Car Washes  Laundries Cooling Towers   Heat Exchangers Boats

Industrial Technology

Industrial Applications (Boilers & Cooling Towers)

Magnetic Water Treatment De-mystified

Magnetic Treatment of Water and its Application to Agriculture

Magnetic Treatment of Swimming Pool Water for Enhanced Chemical Oxidation and Disinfection

Breakdown of Calcium

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Gasoline Diesel Natural Gas  Fuel Oil Propane    Cars  Trucks Heavy Equipment  Boats    Home Industry  Furnaces

Automotive Application &  Technology

Industrial Applications (Generators)

Introduction to the Magnetic Treatment of Fuel

Microscopic Fuel Tests Using Magnetic Fuel Conditioning

By Dr. Klaus J. Kronenberg

Fuel Technology Slides

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Air Conditioning Heat Pumps Freezers Coolers Refrigeration

Refrigeration Slide Cooling Towers

Consumer HVAC Installation

Heat Pump Installation

(link) New HVAC R&D Developments & Technical Papers


Pivot & Drip Irrigation Field Crops  Nurseries Lawns   Gardens Flowers  Fruit Trees

Magnetic Treatment of Water and its Application to Agriculture
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Oil Industry

Oil Wells Transmission lines Refineries

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