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The Magnetizer Maximizer Engine Performance System is the most powerful, scientifically advanced, multi-unit engine treatment system designed to increase gasoline burning efficiency for the largest savings, highest performance and greatest reduction of emissions. The  Magnetizer Maximizer system energizes the entire engine for better performance and longer running.

This worldwide technology uses NASA electrostatic rocket combustion technology modified for a car’s engine to atomically atomize and energize the fuel for explosively increased combustion efficiency and savings.

The  Magnetizer Maximizer is a new breakthrough design in automotive combustion efficiency by the world founder of Monopolar Fluid Treatment and one of the world’s leading MHD (Magnetohydrodynamic) innovators. Based on decades and millions of dollars of research, development and worldwide applications, the Magnetizer Maximizer is the final design in power and application that treats all the required fluids, combustion chamber and material dynamics to provide the very best results in burning efficiency and more powerful, smoother running, longer lasting engine performance and fuel savings.

Installed in less than an hour, the multi-unit GSS dual-flux energizers charge the key engine components with increased combustion efficiency, elimination of heat-creating scales, and reduced friction providing superior performance and longer engine life. See the test results (Click here)

Once installed, the Stabilization Period starts as the energy removes all the carbon/varnish build-up as it saturates all the steel parts to the combustion chamber. 

During the Stabilization Period, increased power, reduced emissions and smoother running will be experienced. Economy/performance will continue to increase until fully stabilized; taking up to 3-5 tanks of gas depending on highway or city/town miles. Once stabilized, the GSS provides the full economy and performance owners have come to enjoy and appreciate


  •  15-30%* increased MPG on older vehicles

  •  15-20%* increased MPG on new vehicles  

  •  Substantially reduces emissions  

  •  High octane behavior from Regular gas

  •  More powerful, smoother running engine

  •  Maintains a cleaner, longer running engine

  •  Cleans varnish from the fuel lines and jets

  •  Cleans carbon from the engine

  • Guaranteed, Lifetime Power Warranty

  • Transfer to new car*

               *depending on make, model, age and driving habits


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Introduction to the Magnetic Treatment of Fuel

By R. J. Kita

Microscopic Fuel Tests Using Magnetic Fuel Conditioning

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