Over 20 years the Magnetizer Group has sold a wide range of products based on patented ceramic-magnet-array technologies into the consumer and residential markets. More recently, these technologies have been enhanced to provide effective energy-reduction performance for commercial and industrial use.

The following extracts have been taken from the significant technical reports of tests conducted in several countries and in a variety of applications, including...

  • Heating/Air conditioning
  • Cooling,
  • Water treatment
  • Diesel / gasoline engines
  • Boilers
  • Crop Booster
  • Marine & Boating
  • Pulp & Paper Mills

References and pertinent documentation's are available upon request from Axess1 Group, LLC at www.axess1.com


McReedy East Mine – Heating House

“Ventilation of a mine is one of the most important functions that allow miners to go to work everyday. A one-year period of monitoring was done on the heater house [that heats mine ventilation air in the winter] without magnets, and the second year the magnets were installed on the headers of the heater house. This installation was monitored and after two years the results were completed in May 2002. The savings in natural gas as a result of the installation of magnets was 11.95% in 2001-2002 when compared to 2000-2001.”

204 Residential Apartments, Quebec City, Canada, 1999

“We have monitored the consumption of natural gas as per the Gaz Metropolitan invoices forwarded by you recently. In conclusion this report indicates savings with magnetic [adjusted for yearly variations in ‘degree days’]

Base year was 1996/97
1998/99 vs. 1996/97 13.3% [Reduction in natural gas used]
1998/99 vs. 1997/98 12.6% [Reduction in natural gas used]”

York Holdings Office Building, Montreal, Canada, 1999.

“We have computed the consumption, occupancy and degree-days… in making a comparison for the six (6) month period of January – June in the years of 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999, as per available data. The saving achieved of 8.3% based on an average [energy] consumption of $120,000.

Wallace McBain & Associates Building, 299 Mill Road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, 1999

“This report compares the Degree-Day values for the building over the last two winters. This comparison shows a decrease of 9.73 cubic meters per degree-day. Percentage of saving - 7.5%.
Our treatment is only on the heating boilers. These boilers consume 58% of the building's total cubic meters. Therefore 7.5% divided by 58% consumption factor gives an overall 12.9% savings.”

Nexacor Realty Management, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, 2001

Multi unit Apartment building powered by natural gas benefited an energy savings of 10.97% based upon available data for previous years.

University of California

Saved $4,200 yearly on elimination of chemicals, acid treatments, drilling, & maintenance. Tested in 1991, that would be approx. $6,300 in 2004 dollars. ROI in 2 months.


Siemens, Boilers at our Istanbul Đ Kartal factory. 11-16-2007

We have assembled MAGNETIZER Fuel Saving Systems on our three Natural Gas Hot Water boilers – average savings were 18.6% verified by Chief Engineer.

Danbury, Connecticut Correctional Facility

Removed softener to boiler. Installed on condensate tank feed line. Eliminated chemicals. Able to reduce continuous blow downs 60-75%. Scale eliminated which eliminated pitting. Garden hose flush instead of punching out the tubes. Saving of $23-$26,000 yrly.

Canada Post Office – North Tower.

Magnetic arrays were installed on 3 boilers used for heating this sorting facility. Since the boiler instrumentation included individual stack temperature thermometers but not individual fuel flow meters, combustion efficiency was measured via increases in stack temperatures. Over 22 boiler ‘runs’, stack temperature readings were taken, and, comparing 11 runs without magnets to 11 runs with magnets a 9.8% increase in thermal efficiency was achieved.

IBM White Plains, New York 1997.

IBM service contractor tested 300 HP natural gas burners, with 3 inches galvanized fuel lines. Monitoring through the demonstration was done in the presence of Global EnviroTech, Inc. Valco Energy Systems, and the on site engineering staff at the IBM location
The average fuel consumption per degree-day with Magnetizer treatment was reduced by 17%. The estimated average savings was $20,000. This particular installation had one time cost of $6,354.

Scarsdale Manor, Scarsdale, New York 1997.

A.B. Wolle, Inc served two Boilers installed in the Scarsdale Manor facility. The performance of the two boilers was tested prior to the Magnetizer installation using Bacharach Fyrite II Combustion Analyzer.

Perhaps the most dramatic occurrence during the testing was noted by A.B. Wolle Inc. two months after installation that when using “dirty oil” such as #4 or #6 oil the boiler efficiency increased instead of decreasing. Both boilers showed yearly fuel savings of 17% and 19% respectively. The yearly savings was $17,855 with cost of Magnetizer equipment of $3,716.



United States Air Force

The USAF Management & Equipment Evaluation Program tested two vehicles over six months, one gasoline-powered and one diesel-powered. Because of the USAF’s fuel issuance methods, fuel consumption had to be measured indirectly by measuring unburned hydrocarbons in the vehicles’ emissions. The results, at a test load of 2500 rpm, were a reduction in unburned hydrocarbons of 75% (diesel) and 70% (gasoline). Carbon Monoxide emissions were also substantially reduced.

Beijing Railroad

A 16-valve diesel-engine locomotive that travels approximately 150,000 km a year was tested. For 6 months, data was collected on fuel consumption and carbon build-up with no magnets, and for another 6 months with magnets installed. Over the entire test, an average savings in fuel of between 4.5% and 4.9% was achieved with a maximum saving of 9.1% for one of the months. Simultaneously, hard carbon deposits changed to soft carbon resulting in significantly easier periodic maintenance.

Brazil EPA

Tests show 20.11% diesel fuel savings with substantial emissions opacity reduction.


Ministry of Surface Transport - Diesel Bus test resulted in a 16.8% diesel savings - 10.7 to 12.5 Kilometers per liter



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U.S. Postal Service Van (2.5L Grumman, fuel injected, automatic transmission.

The vehicle was tested under the supervision of the Northern California Diagnostic labs Inc according to the Code of Federal Regulations 40 CFR 600.113-88 protocol. After baseline measurements were taken for Hydrocarbon, Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide emissions as well as fuel consumption at idle, a Magnetizer emission reduction system was installed on the vehicle and the following observations were made - a reduction in hydrocarbon emissions was observed of 15.9%, a reduction in Carbon Monoxide of 11.37% while fuel consumption decreased by 8.68%. The Postal test mpg achieved much lower than normal driving increases because of this stop & go type utility vehicle.

Canadian Postal Service Van (3.9L 2000 Dodge C/V)

The Canadian Postal Service tested the vehicle. Baseline measurements were taken for Hydrocarbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide emissions as well as fuel consumption at idle, and at 2000 rpm. The main observations were a 48% reduction in Hydrocarbon emissions and an 8.64% reduction in the Air/Fuel ratio indicating a similar improvement in fuel consumption.

Brazil EPA

Tests show 20% gasoline fuel savings with substantial emissions reduction.


California emissions tests show 85% reduction of hydrocarbons, 73% reduction of nitrous monoxide, 84% reduction of carbon monoxide. Note – all emissions testing stations through the years have shown the approximate same results. These emissions are unburned fuel – any reduction is an indication of fuel savings.

Western US User

Went from 19 mpg to 22 mpg the first tank, then went to 32 mpg the second tank. 4 clylinder, Japanese car.



Laboratory Testing: Research Center for Energy Conservation, University of Moncton, Canada

Dr. Samuel Sami, Director of the Research Center, a Fellow of ASHRAE & ASME and a registered engineer in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario has tested this brand-new application according to ARI/ ASHRAE standards, for Magnetizer ceramic magnet arrays. Dr. Sami’s report reached the following conclusion;
“On the average it appears that higher Gauss levels [from Magnetizer products] enhanced the evaporator COP [Co-efficient of Performance] by 20-25% depending upon the refrigerant mixture boiling point. Also higher Gauss levels results in decreasing the power consumption. The decrease of the power consumption appears to be around 8-12%.”

Summary Of Laboratory Testing:

University of Moncton laboratories testing according to the ARI and ASHRAE standards showed significant enhancement of the Performance characteristics of refrigeration equipment after magnetic treatment;

• Enhancement the cooling capacity on the average by 25%.

• Improvement of the Coefficient of Performance COP on the average by 20%.

• Reduce equipment power consumption by around 8%.

• Carry less liquid refrigerant into the compressor chamber.

• Enhancement of the heating capacity of equipment even at low evaporation temperatures

• Decrease discharge pressure and Increase discharge temperature

Please note that the aforementioned significant characteristics are refrigerant boiling point dependant.

The testing results and their analysis have been published in various prestigious scientific journals such as the International Journal of Energy Research and ASME IMECE conferences proceedings.

Early HVAC Field Tests:

Greek Hotel, Las Vegas

Test results from 900 ton chiller installed in the Greek Hotel, Las Vegas indicated a gain in COP (Co-efficient of Performance) of 20-25%, resulting in an energy reduction of 8-12% depending on environmental factors, degree- days, type of equipment and refrigerant mixture used, which confirm Dr. Sami’s scientific findings.

Puerto Rico

Field testing in Puerto Rico for various equipment brands such as York, Carrier, McQuay, Armstrong, MTG, Trane and Hussmann confirmed the laboratory testing and exceeded our expectations.

These field testing covered different applications namely, window units, A/C split systems, Supermarket units with cooling capacities varying from one to hundred tons. Other equipment is being testing and analyzed.

Partial List of Equipment tested in Puerto Rico;

1. Maquina-Trane XE1000 Fab.2001 Esc.Mont


RLA ----


R 22

36,000 BTU

Amp.Rojo 11.50-Negro 13.40-V235

2. Maquina -Trene XE1000 Fab.2000 Esc.Mont.

Modelo: TTR060d100AO

RLA 29.


R 22

60,000 BTU


23-03-05 Amp.Negro 19.60-Rojo 17.50-V235

3. Maquina -Trane XB10 Fab.2004 Esc.Mont.





30,000 BTU


23-03-05 Amp.Negro 10.80-Rojo 10.20 V240

4. Maquina -Trane XB1000 Fab.2003 Esc.Mont.

Modelo: TTB12C100A2

RLA 8.



12,000 BTU


23-03-05 Amp.Negro 6.20-Rojo 6.50-V240

5. Maquina -MCQuay McQuay Off.

Modelo: CKL-36-3




36,000 BTU


19-11-03 Amp. 10.40- 9.20- 7.60 V

14-01-04 Amp. 10.00- 7.60- 8.00 V

6. Maquina-York Hosp. A.M.


RLA 29.4



90,000 BTU


7-19-03 Amp.14.20—14.30—13.50 V208

2-09-05 Amp.12.90-08.50-11.80 V208

7. Maquina -RFC Morales Apliace


RLA 14.8



36,000 BTU


30-03-05 Amp.Negro 10.10-Rojo 08.30-V220.90


8. Maquina -RFC

Modelo:TCU3048A APP

RLA 23.7



48,000 BTU


10-16-03 Amp.Neg.21.30-Ama.17.00—Rojo 10.00—V233

30-03-05 Amp.Neg.20.90-Ama.15.30-Rojo 07.80-V233

9. Maquina -Amstrong

Modelo: SCU10B36A-3 Hosp.Presv




36,000 BTU


09-03-05 Amp.Rojo 11.10-Negro 14.00- V196.30

01-04-05 Amp.Rojo 11.70-Negro 14.50- V217.00

10. Maquina -Hussmann

Modelo:S04VMS9S9S9S Sup.Grande

Max.Over Curr.Prot.Div. 480V-175Amp.



1,200,000 BTU


11. Maquina -Carrier Modelo: ? Family H.Food





01-04-05 Amp.Neg.19.30-Azul 14.60-Ama.7.80-V234.30




Hilton Towers Hotel, Manhattan

Magnetic arrays have been installed on the Hilton's cooling towers and two 250-ton chillers for several years. Scale has been reduced virtually to zero and water-treatment chemicals have been reduced to zero except for a small quantity of biocide needed to prevent algae growth. Maintenance of the water systems has been reduced substantially.

Design Logistics, Manhattan

A commercial building at 260 Madison Avenue, with 523,000 square feet of office space on 25 floors, was equipped with magnetic arrays on its 2 cooling towers, 2 x 500 ton chillers and 2 x 125 hp water pumps. After 6 months, the following results were observed - a 20% increase in temperature differential across the chillers, a 10-fold increase in scale removed, 95% reduction in treatment chemicals and 70% less cleaning time. This translated to savings of $23,332 in electrical costs, $9,500 in chemical costs, $3,000 in preventive maintenance costs, and $2,400 in cleaning time, for a total annual saving of $38,232, compared with the previous year.

Design Logistics, Manhattan

A commercial building at 261 Madison Avenue, with 365,000 square feet of office space on 29 floors, was equipped with magnetic arrays on its 2 cooling towers, 2 x 700 ton chillers and 3 x 60 hp water pumps. After 3 months, the following results were observed - a 20% increase in temperature differential across the chillers, an 8-fold increase in scale removed, 95% reduction in treatment chemicals and 70% less cleaning time. This translated to savings of $18,632 in electrical costs, $9,500 in chemical costs, $3,000 in preventive maintenance costs, and $2,400 in cleaning time, for a total annual saving of $33,532 compared with the previous year.


Ministry of Defense – Eliminated chemicals while reducing maintenance and costs. Test results – reduction of normal, extremely high levels of bacteria and dissolvable iron to considerably lower levels than allowable levels as permitted by Ministry of Health. Dissolvable iron was reduced from 2.5% to 0.2 percent (0.3 allowable).



Advanced Research Project Agency, Springfield, Virginia

A study prepared by Systems and Services Company, Rockville, Maryland, concluded that after magnetic treatment with Magnetizer natural water does not, when heated, produce a hard scale on the walls of a boiler or heating pipes, but rather a loose sludge which settles to the bottom and can easily be removed or flushed without acid treatment.


The Magnetizer unit was attached to a breaker containing calcium and magnesium in water solutions. The authorities at the ASTB laboratories concluded that the ion X-changer and filter alone remove only around 90% of the calcium and magnesium. The Magnetizer unit seems to improve the removal efficiency to better than 99% of the contained calcium and magnesium.

Canadian Energy Control, Regina, Saskatchewan

It has been concluded by the CEC that the installation of the Magnetizer system removed the mineral buildup on the domestic water system where applied.

Novotel Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Magnetizer unit was installed on Laundry steam boiler, Ice Cube Machine, Coffee Espresso, and Dishwasher. The customer was very satisfied and reported the following:
  1. Stopped using chemical treatment
  2. No shut down for maintenance
  3. Manpower is saved to do other important work
  4. Costs are reduced on labor and chemicals.


Ebbw Vale Leisure Center, U.K.

Magnetic arrays were fitted to the heating and filtration systems for the main indoor 250,000-gallon pool, water slides, and the 11,760-gallon learner pool. By lowering the surface tension of the water, the Magnetizer system enables filtration systems to become more efficient, lowering back-washing intervals by 70%, heating costs by almost 70% and chemical use by 48%, while maintaining clinically safe water quality. Overall, the cost of maintaining the pool fell from $25,036 to $10,005 per annum or 60%.

Aqua Science Consultants, Victoria, Australia.

Magnetizer system was installed to reduce the calcification rate of the spa heater tube bundle. The flow rate was 12 liters per minutes. It should be noted that after each run, the weight of the heater bundle was returned to approximately 4431 grams and the weight differential was recorded. After each run, hardness chemicals were dissolved in the water to ensure scaling in a relatively short time.



D.G.E. Co, Ltd, Japan 2004.

Deputy-Secretaries of the Ministry of Agriculture in Japan at Tokyo government offices in November 2003 were very interested and impressed with evidences shown to them.


94% achieved during heavy drought. Norma drought irrigation was delivering 42%.


An alfalfa farmer increased his crop significantly and reduced water usage.


After 30 days the lettuces were exceptionally crisp and succulent. Less growing time meant more profits.

Washington State Apple Grower’s Association recognizes that growers were able to plant and increase the growth rate of slower varieties, thereby adding to their profit base.


A cucumber grower in the UK reported his harvest was 86% larger. He commented “Our traditional cucumber sandwiches were tastier and more succulent with Magnetizer- grown cucumbers!"

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