Magnetizer Pool & Spa Conditioner is the best technology to ever happen to swimming and bathing – the System reduces costs, chemicals, and maintenance while making the water crystal clear and silky to the skin.

Magnetizers energize the water by clamping on the spa or pool water line in a couple minutes.

Tests and reports of the technology prove sanitizing chemicals are reduced by 30% to 50% and pH chemicals are eliminated once the magnetic effect stabilizes.

Tests also show that Magnetizer technology reduces bacteria and algae.

By simply strapping the MAGNETIZER on the return line to the Pool or Spa, laboratory tests prove that the magnetic effect reduces sanitizing chemicals by 30% to 50% while stabilizing and eliminating ALL pH chemicals, thereby saving you money. The MAGNETIZER helps to eliminate algae, keep water clean and improve the clarity of your Pool or Spa.

Users of systems report: 

1. Water is soft and luxurious
2. Chemical irritation to the skin is eliminated
3. Mineral buildup is eliminated
4. Body oils and water scum line is eliminated

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