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  • U.S. Census Bureau, Jeffersonville, Indiana (All applicable water applications. Several systems were installed on a trial basis. The results were excellent and additional units were installed on every applicable part of the water systems for the entire building.
  • Department of Treasury, U.S. Mint, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (All applicable water and fuel applications, to include the portable water system for quenching tanks. All the large furnaces using natural gas have been treated with MAGNETIZER fuel systems, which have provided great fuel efficiency and fuel dollar savings.)
  • N.O.A.A. (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Norfolk, Virginia (Fuel systems for their diesel engines and water cooling systems as well as portable water systems installed and delivering recognizable results.)
  • D.S.C.S. (Defense Command Supply Center), Columbus, Ohio, (Automotive fuel systems, stocking order for call out.)


  • City of Seattle, Washington (Cooling tower for the city with a letter of endorsement from the city administrator’s office.
  • City of San Antonio, Texas (Numerous water system applications, throughout the city’s myriad water system. Including fire trucks.
  • City of San Diego, Metropolitan Correction Center, San Diego, California (Sundry water applications on city water systems.)
  • City of Cheyenne, Wyoming (Sundry water applications on city water systems with excellent results. As tine and budget permit, the city continues to add MAGNETIZER systems to their water system on an on going basis.
  • City of Fort Walton Beach, Florida (Numerous fuel systems for police cars and other municipal gas powered vehicles. A few vehicles were picked for a test. After the test, they dropped from 89 to 87-octane fuel with no loss in performance and evidenced lowered emissions. As funds permit, all the city owned vehicles will be treated with MAGNETIZER fuel systems.)
  • Bucks County Housing Authority, Doylestown, Pennsylvania (Water and fuel boilers in county owned housing, test systems installed and showing favorably.)


  • U.S.C.G. Cutters “ Gallatin” and “Dallas”, Governors Island, New York (Boilers- MAGNETIZER fuel and water systems installed with excellent results. So good that when Coast Guard personnel were transferred to other cutters, they requested MAGNETIZER systems be installed.
  • U.S.C.G. Cutter “ Red Oak”, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (MAGNETIZER water system in use for over a year on their boiler.)
  • U.S.C.G. Cutter “Mellon”, Seattle, Washington (Water system installation on their boiler water system.)

    U.S. ARMY

  • Brooks Army Hospital, San Antonio, Texas (Medical Sterilizers used for sterilizing medical instruments. There was so much built up scale that after MAGNETIZER system was installed they had to shovel out the mush like scale.)

    U.S. NAVY

  • U.S. Navy, New London, Submarine Base, New London, Connecticut (Diesel engine coolant storage tanks (anti-freeze), spent anti-freeze once too acidic to use, once treated magnetically, now reusable.)
  • U.S. Navy/Tenneco (Test), Newport News Shipyard, Virginia (Cooling tower, long term, 2 year test.)
  • U.S. Navy – Naval Warfare Center, Warminster, Pennsylvania, (Cooling Tower and humidifiers with serious scale problems.)


  • U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado (Automotive fuel systems for base vehicles.)
  • U.S. Air Force, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska (Sauna boilers with scale problems.)
  • U.S. Air Force, MEEP Program (fuel test), Elgin AFB, Florida (Automotive fuel hree-month test on base cars and trucks. The net results were substantial reductions in emissions.)
  • U.S. Air Force, MEEP Program & Department of Defense (water test in progress), Langley AFB, Virginia (Cooling tower and chiller, a six month test in two phases. The results of the test will be disseminated the government. Adoption will be recommended if the results are as we expect.)
  • U.S. Air Force, Kelly AFB, San Antonio, Texas (Automotive fuel systems for base vehicles.)
  • U.S. Air Force, Randolf AFB, University City, Texas (Cooling towers.)


  • Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania (Treatment for water systems for their scaled boilers.
  • Danbury Federal Penitentiary, Danbury, Connecticut (All applicable water treatment for scaled boilers and condensate return lines. Natural gas fuel systems for the same boilers are installed and the results are as promised, control of scale on the water side and reduced fuel consumption on the fuel installations.


  • Graterford Prison, Graterford, Pennsylvania (All applicable water and fuel applications. First systems installed were on a scale-clogged dishwasher, which in a couple of weeks was running scale free. One cell block was not getting enough hot water for showers due to extensive scale build up in the water pipes, the units were installed and within two weeks were getting all the hot water they needed.
  • Callpatria State Prison, Callpatria, California (Several water systems applications such as commercial dishwashers were installed with good results.)


  • Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kansas (All applicable water and fuel applications, probably beginning with a test on a boiler.)
  • Dallas State Penitentiary, Dallas, Pennsylvania (All applicable water and fuel applications. Presently waiting for State assignment and approval of specific boiler for water test. Once proven at this model facility to control scale, all 23 state prisons will be on line to be outfitted with MAGNETIZER water and fuel systems.)
  • Petersburg Federal Penitentiary, Petersburg, Virginia (Waiting on approval from the Department of Justice.)
  • U.S. Navy- Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Sundry water applications – Canceled with the announcement of closing of the shipyard.
  • U.S. Navy – Carderock Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia,
  • Pennsylvania (Water closet systems, waiting on final approval from Annapolis.)
  • Philadelphia Housing Authority, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Waiting for specific boiler to be assigned for treatment testing.)
  • U.S.C.G. Cutter “White Hearth”, Boston, Massachusetts (An officer who had been on the U.S.C.G. Cutter “Gallatin”, having sent the results, once being assigned to the “White Hearth” has ordered water systems for the boiler, and then will order fuel systems later as budget permits.)

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1.      Coca-Cola Bottling (Queens, NY): Boilers Waterside and Natural Gas, Cooling Tower 

         Systems, Water Softening System, Condensate Tower.


2.      City of Seattle, Cooling towers, water process equipment


3.      City of San Antonio, Public Works, All major Processing equipment


4.      Berkeley California Municipal Police and Sanitation Departments, Engine Performance

         Maximizers on all vehicles to save fuel and cut pollution


5.      US Mint, All water Process equipment


6.      Federal Penitentiaries, Pennsylvania, Water Process Equipment


7.      Schreiber Foods: (Queens, NY): Boilers Waterside and Natural Gas, Cooling Towers



8.      Marino’s Ices: (Queens, NY): Cooling Tower System.


9.      Losquadro Ice: (Brooklyn, NY): Cooling Tower System.


10.    Tony’s Brush & Processing: (Brooklyn, NY): Boilers Waterside and Natural Gas, Well

        Water System.


11.  Carlton Ice Cream: (Brooklyn, NY): Cooling Tower System, Boilers Waterside and #2 Oil.


12.  Mars Fudge & Fruit: (Brooklyn, NY): #2 Oil.


13.  Jung-Sun Laundry: (Long Island City, NY): Boilers Waterside and Natural Gas.


14.  Peerless Tube Co.: (Bloomfield, NJ): Boilers Waterside and Natural Gas, Cooling Towers, 

      Waterside Scrubber System.


15.  Knights Inn Motels: Boilers, Ice Machines, Laundries, and Pools.


16.  Charles Tozzer Dental Clinics: Dental Hand Pieces.


17.  Homewood Suites Hotels: Cooling Towers, Chillers, and Boilers.


18.  Cementos de Chihuahua: Cement Boiler Burners (Natural Gas).


19.  RCA Juarez: Boilers (Gas & Water).


20.  Phelps Dodge: Copper Smelters Turbines (Natural Gas).


21.  China Springs ISD: Boilers, Ice Machines.


22.  Bexar County: Chillers, Boilers


23.  Arkansas Regional Hospital: Boilers, Cooling Tower.


24.  Prowers Medical Center: Reduce Salt, Boilers, Cooling Towers.


25.  Sand Haven Nursing Home: Reduce Salt, Boilers, Ice Machines.


26.  Boise City Hospital: Reduce Salt, Boilers, Cooling Tower, Chillers.


27.  Weyland Baptist College: Chillers, Cooling Tower, and Boilers.


28.  Roberson Saw Mills Natural Gas Generators.


29.  Waugh Dry Cleaners: Boilers.


30.  Tyler Dry Cleaners: Boilers.


31.  Randolph Air Force Base, Texas: Cooling Towers.


32.  Luke Air Force Base, Arizona: Cooling Towers and Boilers.


33.  Brooks Army Medical Center, Texas: Equipped sterilizers.


34.  City of Live Oak, Texas: Fire engines and police cars


35.  Hilton Towers Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY


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1.      Toyota Motors: (Distributor with stocking # for all their factories) Water treatment, Boilers,

         Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers.

2.      Hitachi Electronics: Water Treatment.

3.      Matsushita Electronics: Water Treatment.

4.      Panasonic: Plastic Mold Injection Machines.

5.      Fuji Camera: Plastic Mold Injection Machines.

6.      Fujitsu Optical Disk: Plastic Mold Injection Machines.

7.      New Japan Steel: Water Treatment in pipes, boilers, heat exchangers and cooling towers.

8.      Hot Springs – Scale Treatment.

9.      Public baths – Fuel Treatment (hot water heaters)

10.    Hotels & Restaurants – Water Treatment.

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1.      Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd.: Boilers, Cooling Towers, and Compressors.

2.      Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd.: Screw Compressors, Boilers.

3.      Hindustan Motors Ltd.: All phases of scale treatment.

4.      West Bengal State Electricity Board: Condensers, Air Conditioners, Water Piping.

5.      Patton Tanks Ltd.: Cooling Towers, Injection Mold Machines.

6.      Rasoli Limited: Complete plant installation for de-scaling pipes.

7.      Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd., OEM Manufacturer.

8.      Premier Fountains: Supplies Magnetizer to fountains throughout India.

9.      Besco Steel, Ltd.: Diverse factory applications.

10.    R.V. Briggs & Co. Pvt. Ltd.: Private consultants for water quality (many clients).

11.    Madhusudan Organics Ltd.: Condensers, Thermic Fluid Boilers.

12.    Assam Ltd.: Tea nursery, extra leaves, darker hue, increased flavor.

13.    Kortisa India Pvt. Ltd.: Chemical Factory, Water Systems.

14.    Electrometal Ltd.: 10% Fuel Savings on Diesel.

15.    Adams Motor Works: Emission Reductions.

16.    Bayer India Ltd.: Cooling Towers, Boilers.

17.    Sea Crests Shipping: Myriad Fuel & Water Treatment.

18.    Carrier Air Conditioning, OEM Supplier.

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FROM:  615 SMSQ/LGTV - 20 Aug 93
201 Blscayne Ave.
Bldg 613 Suite 2
Eglin AFB FL.  32542

SUBJ:  Report on Test Results from MEEP Project EV 92-95 Magnetizer

TO:  The Group, Inc. Attn:  Edwin White

1.  The following information is furnished in accordance with MEEP Project Evaluation/Reporting Instructions as interim action on subject project.

a.       Project Title:  Magnetizer.

b.     Dates of Project: From 11 Jan 93 TO 21 Jul 93.

c.     Project Description:  Discussion:

(1).  Background:  Four vehicles at Hurlburt Field, FL were removed from service, exhaust gas emissions were tested for pollutants, and Mono-Pole (single pole) Magnets were installed.  The vehicles were allowed to run for an additional 10 minutes, then emissions were again examined. Dramatic improvement in harmful emissions were noted. Vehicle technicians at Hurlburt assisted In this evaluation. The same Hurlburt Field mechanic performed all emission tests using the Bear 200 series diagnostic analyzer.  This unit was capable of four gas analysis.  All tests were performed with engines at operating temperature.  Following the test completion period, all Magnets were removed from the vehicles and held for disposition.

( 2) .  Guidelines:

(a).  Hurlburt Field personnel selected four vehicles for the evaluation.  Two vehicles were gasoline engine driven and two were diesel engine driven.

(b).  A mechanic conducted an exhaust emissions test of all vehicles prior to installation of the magnet system.

   (c). Mr. Tucker and Mr. Fitsell of Mono-Tec

Group Inc installed fuel system magnets using only plastic wire bundle ties.  No fuel lines were disturbed or cut.  A large cooling system magnet was Installed on the lower radiator hose, again using only plastic ties.  Another large magnet of the opposite magnetic pole to those installed on the fuel lines was installed on the rubber hose leading to the engine air intake.

              (d).  A vehicle emissions test was conducted after installation and results recorded.

(3).  Advantages:  The magnets reduced harmful emissions in the gasoline engine almost immediately after installation and continued to maintain the reduced emissions throughout the project (see emission analysis chart).  The diesel engines showed an immediate reduction of visible smoke.  Prior to magnet installation the 1335 bus was a heavy smoker putting out clouds of black smoke.  After installation, the smoke could barely be distinguished with the naked eye.

(4).           Disadvantages:  None noted.

(5).           Safety:  No safety hazards were encountered.

(6).           Savings:

("a}.  Tangible savings;  Exhaust emissions

analysis indicate reduced hydrocarbon emissions which is indicative of .better combustion.  It must be assumed that with better combustion better fuel mileage Is realized. However, with the current methods of Air Force fuel issue and control, fuel consumption could not be tracked.

(b).  Intangible savings:  Less pollution in the atmosphere.

d.  Project Results:

(1).  Conclusions: The magnetizer fuel treatment system demonstrated the ability to reduce harmful emissions in both gasoline and diesel engines.  The coolant magnet was not considered a significant factor when measuring emissions. Due to circumstances beyond our control no conclusions were reached concerning the coolant system magnet.

(2).  Recommendations: We are recommending the magnetizer fuel system magnets be approved for Air Force adoption.  Further recommend a national stock number be assigned.


e.  Actions Taken:  These recommendations have been submitted to Warner Robbins ALC/LVV for review and approval of this product for Air Force use.  Please note that final action has not been determined on this project and recommendations are subject to change.

2. This report will not be used for commercial publicity, advertisement, or sales purposes to other than Federal or Civil government agencies as addressed In paragraph 12 of the bailment agreement between the United States Air Force and Manufacturer.

3.  Point of contact 615 SMSQ/LGTV, CM Sgt Rich Richards.

-JACOB L. DETUEILER Chief, Air Force Management & Equipment Evaluation Program

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Hilton Hotels

December 12, 2001

From: Manny Corti, B.E.M.E.

Energy Engineer

Concord Atlantic Engineers

To: Joseph L. Mullin, P.E.

UML Group, Inc.

2004 Fox Creek Road

Berwyn, PA 19312


Re: Hilton Hotels

6th Avenue and 54th Street

New York, NY


Dear Joe, 

            In a telephone interview I had with Mike Smith, Vice President of Facilities Operations, he informed me of the following:

             The Magnetizer (MGI) magnets have been installed for approximately 6 years on the Hilton’s cooling tower and two 250-ton chillers.  Mike reports that the results have been nothing less than “amazing.” He says that no chemical additives are needed whatsoever, but that he does use ‘ a little- to keep everyone happy.’

             According to Mike, the cooling tower previously had 12 inches of algae in the pan. They could actually cut it with a lawnmower.

             After installing the Magnetizers very little algae was present.  The sparse amount that was present appeared to be inactive.  The entire cooling tower was cleaned in less than 30 days.  He did say that he adds Bio-side ‘just in case’, because he did not want to take any chances, even though the tower had been tested and had proved negative.

             The Magnetizers were also installed on the Hilton’s new chiller plants.  Two 250-ton chillers were installed a year ago.  Again, very little chemicals were required to maintain the system.  Since the Magnetizers have been installed on the Heat Recovery units, the difference when they dropped with heads with and without the magnets was ‘nothing short of a miracle.’  They were installed on their sewer ejector unit on the 1-1-1/2 inch lines for the past three years.  They used to drop the pipe 2 to 3 times a year for extensive cleaning, because of the clogged unit.  But since the Magnetizers have been installed, the units have not had to be cleaned out at all.

             Mike is frankly amazed. He is a little reluctant to tell anyone about the results, because ‘they look at me as if I had three heads.’  His enthusiasm was boundless.  He cannot understand why everyone isn’t using Magnetizer- especially since the units require no maintenance and are guaranteed for life.

             Mike informs me that the Magnetizers were also installed at the Hilton Hotel in Ryetown, NY, West Chester County.  The Magnetizers were installed on the boilers, both the water and the fuel side piping.  The fuel consumption was monitored and was found to be reduced by 13 percent.  Emissions were also drastically reduced, but off hand, Mike was unable to give me any statistics about this.


            Magnetizer has also been installed at the New Orleans Hilton.


            Mike commented that most chemical additives have changed over the years, due to EPA classifications.  The use of Hazardous Materials (HAZ-MATS) are forbidden.  Failure to comply with the new legislation carries severe penalties.  The result of this prudence, has, however resulted in ineffective water treatment and much wasted revenue.  According to Mike, it is a matter of time before the EPA bans Blow-Off and Blow-Down boiler systems.




                                                             Manny Corti

                                                            Energy Engineer

                                                            Concord Atlantic Engineers


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Interpretation of the Governo Do Estado Do PARA


Government of Para State

Executive Secretary of Science,

Technology and Environment

Director of Science and Technology




To Whom It May Concern:

We certify the function of Magnetizer Products, under the principle that when fuel molecules are polarized by the electromotive force, their flow is regulated in a manner that increases the energy output as demonstrated by the testing of the Engine Performance Maximizer (EPM) model.


The results of the EPM testing demonstrate a 20% savings of fuel consumption while reducing the gas emissions escaping into the atmosphere, contributing to a reduction of pollution, according to the technical study by the Council of Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy of PARA State, Certificate number CREART and certificate of technical responsibility 3538-D-PA,12 issued 26/07/2003 also conforming with the letter of acceptance of the product for use in motors diesel and gas by the California Air Resource Board of California – U.S.A. – CARB EOD 1743, issued 25/01/1999.


Belem, 29 of January 2004

  Engineer Responsible, Evandro Diniz Soares, Jr.

Coordinator of Promotion and Assistance Industry

Appointed by the Director of Science and Technology

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Companies Using Magnetizer



Walt Disney World

University Of California

San Diego Medical Center

La Quinta Motor Inns

Ronan Enterprises

Western Reserve Historical Society

Bobkat Small Engines

City Of Monroe

Siblico Water Treatment

Bernard's Coffees Of The World

Hall Of Fame Fitness Center

Wheaton's Plastics

Holmes By-Products

H.E.B. Grocery Co. Headquarters

Bayse Janitorial Supply

Pittman Distributing Company

Pyramid Plastics

Gary Job Core; U-S. Government

Presidents Health Clubs

Universal Fitness Center


Texas Educational Foundation

Mercy Center For Health Care


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